Children on the Move

This video gives a brief summary of the Burmese families working in Thailand, showing the paradox of extremes between the upper class tourists and the lower class migrants.

It also introduces one of FED’s educational programs, called Children on the Move. This program, implemented at the Unified Learning Center, empowers students to become human rights advocates. This student-training-student program equips Burmese children with the ability to recognize and defend their human rights.

For English subtitles, change the settings on the Youtube video.

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FED is one of 10 candidates for the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

FED is one of 10 candidates for the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. This project is collaboration between Ashoka Thailand and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) at University of California Berkeley.

The Challenge begins August 29, 2013 in Berkeley, California!

Health Team visits Khok Kloi LC

On Tuesday the 27th of August FED Health Staff visited Khok Kloi Learning Center, which is located in a Rubber Plantation, to teach students about proper hygiene in order to prevent illness. Health Staff also lead a First Aid training for local community members.