Tun in to FED radio!

Radio listeners can now turn on the volume of their radio to listen to FED´s selection of music and most important DSCN3835current news from Myanmar and Thailand. The program is hosted by the Thai Muang Station and can be listened on the FM 100.75 MHz every Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 12:00 am. FED´s team selects the most important news about current events such as the floods that devastated the country one month ago or the upcoming elections. Also different styles of music are played during the program. These vary from Burmese classic songs by Ba Nyar Han or R Zar Ni to other modern and popular songs like the ones by Ye Yint Aung. Listeners are always welcomed to participate in the program by calling to request songs and news, ask for information about legal or health issues or to inform FED about problems they may have at the workplace. FED’s staff has received requests of songs for families, friends, partners and even employers! Such as the case of Thai employers who call to request Burmese songs for the workers. An average of 75 people calls the program monthly with different petitions.

Through FED radio program, people living in more remote communities or people without access to television or internet are informed about important information or events and are connected to FED despite of the distance. DSCN3833They can also join FED’s staff in special events either at the radio or at the place of the event.

As the initial project recently ended, FED radio program had to be suspended for a couple of weeks. Many loyal listeners called the radio station to know the reason for this, only to realize now that it was a punctual suspension and that FED radio program is still on and will continue to run for a long time!

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