FED Health Team visits Khuraburi

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On July 16, the Health Team travelled to Khuraburi to conduct monthly medical checkups for community members and students at the Burmese Learning Center (or Mulberry Learning Center). Three people in the community had contacted the Health Team to receive medical assistance. The team also visited the community manager, to whom they delivered some medicine.

health 3Afterwards, they drove to the school, which is located a couple kilometres outside of Khuraburi. The team did checkups on grade 1 students, measuring their height and checking their teeth, throat and ears. Older students from grade 4 were also checked and assisted with minor injuries.

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A talk on diptheria awareness was also planned for the day, but time ran out and the students had to go home for the day. Nonetheless, this was a very successful visit and the team was able to provide some health services to migrants who don’t often have access to medical care.

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